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JetGo Aircraft GPUs by AERO Specialties

AERO Specialties manufactures the revolutionary line of JetGo 28.5V DC diesel-electric hybrid aircraft ground power units, fabricated specifically for the needs of the aviation industry.  The JetGo model 600Mti-RJ GPU is designed to provide 600 continuous amps and 2300 peak starting amps with innovative diesel-electric hybrid technology.  Military-specific configurations are now available.

Watch a JetGo start a Citation and a Merlin on the AERO Specialties YouTube Channel.

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AERO Specialties offers two JetGo GPU models, the 600Mti-RJ and 550Mti-RJ.

  • 600Mti-RJ (600 continuous amps, 2300 peak starting amps)
  • 550Mti-RJ (550 continuous amps, 2300 peak starting amps)

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 “We got a great start from both aircraft when we used the JetGo 550 GPU at Banyan’s FBO, FXE. Engine temps stayed low with no initial lag or voltage drop-off associated with some other GPUs that we have used. Congratulations on a great product.”

-Captain James Nofil, Cessna Citation 500 and Citation II

JetGo 550 Mti Aircraft Ground Power Unit

JetGo 28 eco aircraft ground power unit

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