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"Wanted to pass along some info on the results of using the orange JetGO 550Mti GPU in handling our Pilatus PC-12.  In short, it is the best unit I have ever used, it’s both Quiet, and powerful. Of course it handled the 130 amp load on the ground while I was running the A/C. But the start was quite impressive. The guys recorded 1000 amp load on the start. In the cockpit, on a battery start I’ll typically see a 7-9 volt drop, about a 10 sec spool up before I introduce fuel, and then another 15 or so seconds to reach ground idle.  But with the JetGo 550Mti GPU I only had a 2-3 volt drop; I was able to introduce fuel within 5 seconds and ground idle within 10 seconds, total.  Not to mention it was a much cooler start as well.  Given we are a single battery aircraft, these features are all the more beneficial. Thanks for the great product."
--Jack Mansur, Chief Pilot, Morning Star Services LLC

“We had no problems whatsoever with JetGo’s 550m GPU whilst it was on loan to us here at West Palm Beach. The unit performed flawlessly on all of the aircraft that it was used on. Pilots seemed impressed with the starts and our line technicians were really pleased with the simplicity of operation, it was so easy to maneuver around the apron and we just couldn’t believe how quiet it was compared to the other GPU’s that we have here. Our maintenance technician looked at the JetGo and was amazed at how simple it was to service and work on. Everything is nicely accessible and well positioned. I think it’s a winner.”
--Andy Riley, Line Service Manager at Galaxy Aviation of Palm Beach FL

“One Lear 35 captain told me that the 550m provided instant response and no fluctuations or spikes often associated with other GPUs." "We have had no issues with the 550m and are impressed with the simple operation and the fact that it just sips fuel. It’s a great unit."
--Jon Tonko, Line Service Manager, Banyan FBO FXE

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